Research on Medicine and Vaccine for Covid-19

The COVID-19 virus has killed roughly 18 million people. To better understand, treat, and ultimately eradicate COVID-19 and the illness that it causes, researchers are working around-the-clock. The COVID-19 vaccine is being developed as soon as possible while upholding the strictest safety standards by WHO and its partners. Clinical trials normally include three phases, the last of which is intended to investigate the product's capacity to protect against disease, known as efficacy. Vaccines undergo numerous rounds of study and testing. The level of risk is evaluated at each stage. In the past, vaccines have been created via a series of steps that can take years to complete. Due to the urgent need for COVID-19 vaccinations, significant financial investments and scientific partnerships are currently changing the process of developing vaccines.

  • Track 1-1 Antivirals
  • Track 2-2 Vaccines
  • Track 3-3 Clinical Trials

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